Quit Smoking


Why quit smoking?

Smoking is a dangerous pastime ( & expensive ), it causes numerous health problems of the body but also of the mind. Many smokers believe that cigarettes relieve stress but in actual fact they can increase stress. Hypnosis is a great, stress free way, to stop smoking.

It's a 2 hour deep relaxation session with huge success. Free from smoking. It's my speciality. Paula has helped almost 1000 people to quit smoking in her sessions over the past 7 years!!!

Price: €250

What clients say about us?

"After more than 20 years of smoking on July 7th I came to Paula for quitting. She is really good at what she is doing and during session made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Thanks to Paula I'm nearly 4 months cigarette free"

Jolita Bagdonaite Bivainiene
quit smoking