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We can help you lose weight

Hypnosis will help people naturally feel like making the right choices. It works on the level of feelings, patterns, and unconscious motivations. Over a number of sessions we will give you the understanding and greater will power to start eating healthier and feeling better with yourself. We can help you lose weight. Paula also has a diploma in Health Fitness & Nutrition and has worked with hundreds of people to date to help them to lose weight. Using both hypnosis and havening to help break bad eating & exercise habits & good nutritional advice you can lose weight and maintain this weight loss. There are 3 programmes to choose from to suit your needs.

Quit Junk Food & Get Moving

1 session  €150


Want to lose 1 – 2 stone?

Want to lose 1 – 2 stone The Hypnotic Gastric Band 333 plan – 3 sessions over 3 months to break the bad habits, embed new habits and keep you on track. Session 1 is working on the bad habits ie sugar & grease & lack of exercise & emotional eating. Session 2 is working on your past, any emotional traumas which may have led you to overeating or eating junk food. and session 3 is keeping you on track with the healthy eating and smaller portion sizes using the hypnotic gastric band. Costs 350e paid OR 300E upfront or 175e as 2 installments over 3 sessions or 125e pay as you go.

Want to lose more than 2 stone?

666 PLAN Want to lose more than 2 stone – This plan is for those who want to lose more than 2 stone. It includes 6 sessions over 6 months ie every 3-4 weeks to keep you on track, embed the new learnings and allow the weight to fall off you (includes the hypnotic gastric band) Costs 600e OR 500E upfront or 250e paid in 2 installments over 1st 2 sessions or pay as u go each session 125e a session


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