Choose your Membership Plan based on Your desired goal for Lasting Transformation

Embark on your journey to a healthier, happier you with Weightloss Silver Plan. This plan is perfect for individuals aiming to lose up to 1 stone and/or make significant changes to their eating habits. Benefit from personalised one-on-one sessions with hypnotherapy expert, ensuring a tailored approach to your unique needs. Gain access to carefully curated recorded audio-hypnosis to reinforce positive habits and boost motivation. Alongside, enjoy a treasure trove of supporting materials such as a meal plan guide, a delightful recipe book, practical meal guide to make your weightloss experience both effective and enjoyable.

Why Choose Weightloss Silver:

  • Perfect for those aiming to lose up to 1 stone or change eating habits
  • 3 personalised one-on-one sessions for tailored guidance
  • 3 recorded audio-hypnosis
  • Comprehensive supporting materials for sustainable results

€600 or two payments of €300

Elevate your weightloss journey with the Weightloss Gold Plan, specifically designed for individuals looking to lose more than a stone and sustain their weight loss journey. Benefit from exclusive one-on-one sessions with a hypnotherapy expert, ensuring thorough attention to your individual goals. Immerse yourself in a library of empowering recorded audio-hypnosis, strategically curated to support sustained weight loss. Complementing these sessions, access a wealth of supporting materials, including a personalised meal plan guide, an extensive recipe book, a meal plan tracker and more.

Why Choose Weightloss Gold:

  • Ideal for those looking to lose more than 1 stone and sustain weight loss
  • 6 personalised one-on-one sessions for tailored guidance
  • 6 recorded audios-hypnosis
  • Comprehensive supporting materials for holistic well-being

Weightloss VIP Monthly: LeanLife VIP hub

€29.99 per month until cancelled

Join Weightloss VIP – LeanLife VIP HUB (Private Facebook Group) and become part of a vibrant online community dedicated to mutual support and motivation. Perfect for those who finished the silver or gold program and wish to maintain their achievements. This membership provides continuous access to additional resources, regular motivation boosts, and a variety of exclusive recorded audio hypnosis. This dynamic and interactive Facebook community group allows you to share your journey, gain insights from others, and stay inspired. It’s not just weightloss tips to keep you on track; it’s a supportive community that fosters lasting change.

Please Note: To join, you need to have an active Facebook account

Why Embrace Monthly Health Mastery:

  • Ideal for those with specific weightloss goals or looking to maintain achievements
  • Access to a supportive online community for shared motivation
  • Regular additions of exclusive resources for continuous growth
  • Unique new audios for a personalised and evolving experience, worth more than €100, like binge eating, emotional eating, limiting beliefs, fears and more
  • 50% OFF private sessions

Choose Your Plan, Transform Your Life.

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